- Flit Mosquito Repellent is a safe
   and effective way to ensure
   mosquito - free  rooms, while
   leaving a pleasant Jasmine
- The natural active ingredients in
   Flit mats have no harmful effects
   and are safe to use.
- Flit Mosquito mat has an effective 
   formula that provides up to 8
   hours of freedom from
- The mat is designed for use with
   any heating unit.

- Flit Mosquito Mat is environmentally friendly and is perfectly safe for
- Flit Mosquito Mat comes in Jasmine perfume.
- Flit Flying Repellants is available in One size 100 mats.


Insect Repellent provides hours of effective protection from Mosquito, Biting fly, Tick, Flea and other biting Insects.
Outsh! Contains the most effective repellent ingredient ever developed.
Outsh! Is non greasy, feels soft on your skin, will not stain and resists perspiration.
Outsh! Is available in one size 150 ml